At Angle Communication, we believe that success comes when considering and employing all possible angles. Communicating your message or achieving your goals is best accomplished if your desired audience encounters your business or organization in several different ways. This may mean different things for each Angle client. Depending on what your needs are, it could mean any of the following:

  • Creative and engaging fundraising events involving multiple means of raising funds
  • Widespread promotional coverage involving many different forms of outreach to your desired audience

Let Angle Communication help you determine and apply the best methods to manage an event or build your organization’s exposure.

Event Planning and Coordination

Angle works with clients to help formulate goals and plans for any event, and we work with you to handle all components of  a successful experience from beginning to end. 

Fund Development

Grant writing, letters of appeal, special event and relationship building, these are just a few options to increase your organization’s funding.  Angle works with you to determine and accomplish the best approaches to meet your fundraising goals.

Community Relations

Strong rapport with your community is the cornerstone of your organization’s success.  Angle Communication will work with you to raise the community’s awareness of the programs and services your organization provides.


Newsletters are often an excellent way to reach your current and potential customers. Angle Communication will work with you to determine the most appropriate form and frequency of newsletter distribution.  Angle will meet your needs from creation to distribution of your newsletters.

Press Releases

Angle creates and distributes press releases to appropriate media outlets to successfully communicate your organization’s message.